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Quickly filter, sort and analyze data on artists and their upcoming shows on sale soon.

Real Time Tour Announcements
Catch presale dates before anyone else
Hotness Rank Based on Social Media Engagement
Analyze data from Instagram and Twitter posts to uncover the most talked about events
Save Time on Research
Custom presets allows you to quickly sort through popularity, venue capacity, rising artists, and more
Combined Resources Made Easy
Google Trends Graph, Spotify Data, Youtube Videos, Billboard Charts, and Social Media Analytics all in one place


Just Announced Shows

Discover new shows and tours right when they are announced. Stop missing out on events because you're the last one to find out.

Hottest Announcements

Filter, sort and analyze the hottest and most popular announcements, presales and on sales this week. Save hours of research and let us do the work for you.

Past Announcements

Over 8,500 past shows and tour announcements to browse through. All data is captured exactly when tours are announced and will never change.

Uncover Hidden Shows With Our Analytics Tool

Browse through all upcoming shows by performer, venue capacity, price and more! Save time with your research by using our custom filters to find shows in demand.

Presale and On Sale Dates

Filter presale and on sale dates for today, tomorrow or any day of the week. Quickly find shows announced this week.

Venue Capacities

Search all shows with venue sizes within your specified range. Use our SMALL VENUES filter to sort by smallest venues.

Googletrends Slope

Find the hottest and rising artists with our RISING GOOGLETRENDS filter. Any slope over .80 means the performer is trending up.

Spotify Data

See the most popular artists on Spotify by number of followers or popularity score. Find new album tours with our RECENT ALBUM filter to search for artists with recently released albums.

Billboard Charts

Use our BILLBOARD CHARTS filter to find artists with chart rankings. Search through all top charts at once or browse each one individually.

All Past Shows

Over 508,000 past shows to browse through. Additional event information to filter by includes city, state, category and genre.


Announcement Post Analytics

Look at the number of comments, engagement rate, followers and average comments per post to quickly see how hot an announcement is.

Announcement Post Analytics
Discover Rising Artists

Discover Rising Artists

View Googletrends graph of the artist or performer based on past 5 years of Youtube search data. An upward slope means the artist is trending and hot.

Billboard Charts

See if an artist has any Billboard hits at time of announcement. We track Hot 100, Billboard 200, Artist 100, Emerging Artists and Top Album Sales.

Billboard Charts
Artist Insights

Artist Insights

Gain an overview of how popular an artist or performer was at time of tour announcement. View number of followers, albums and popularity score on Spotify. Quickly see the top and most recent Youtube videos along with their view count.

Tour Dates

See tour dates along with venue capacities, presale and on sale dates.

Tour Dates